Waiting for warmth ...

At the beginning of January, I put on a summer-in-winter concert in Edmonton called "Winter's a Beach". There were costumes, games, prizes, and beach themed drinks. There was also an incredible Surf Rock band that opened for us called The

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A restful start to 2019

I am writing this from a small cabin studio in the mountains. I am here at the Banff Centre for a 3 week residency to create, explore, and be inspired. I am about half-way through, and I cannot tell you…

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Welcome to a Winter Wonderland!

Oh that snow is a-falling, and I am a calling out 



Just kidding - I love the snow! I love it mainly because I get to wear cool hats. I played a great little outdoor show…

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Breaking In at BreakOut West :-)



Fall has been a heck of a great time. I have been on tour for the first bit of October, and I have just landed in Kelowna for the annual Western Canadian Music Awards and BreakOut West…

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I wouldn't consider myself a 'winner', in the conventional sense. I am not good at competing (I used to compete in martial arts when I was younger, but I never won, nor did I ever care). On June 29th, I…

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I have been nominated for THREE Edmonton Music Awards! I am incredibly honoured and grateful for this recognition. 'this desolate bliss.' was created over a few years with many hours of passion-fueled labour. I am eternally grateful for my band…

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March Update // Shows

Happy (almost) spring! 


I have been taking this time to learn and explore all things musical - writing, playing, and one of the hardest things to do, learning how to listen. It's been a wonderful experience for me…

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