Two weeks, seeing three very different inspirational people.

The past few weeks I have been blessed to have seen some very amazing (and very different) acts. Firstly, I saw Ryan Adams at The Winspear in Edmonton... it was nothing short of unreal. His music is so honest and he has the ability to stay true to himself no matter what is happening around him - that is inspiring as a musician who is inendated with "tips" on how to "make it" (read: how to be like everyone else). Next, I saw one of my childhood icons, Mr. Fred Penner. He was performing at an 18+ venue, but he still performed as if it were filled with children. And I guess, to an extent, it was filled with children (at heart). There was so much love in one of my favorite Edmonton venues (how fitting that there would be love in a place called The Artery...) it was an unforgettable show. Finally, I saw Naomi Klein at The Winspear for a talk about her newest book "This Changes Everything" which is a comparison of climate change and capitalism. Very interesting and captivating. I couldn't sleep that night thinking about this beautiful world we live in and how we can make it the most wonderful place for future generations to come.

After all that I think I can safely say that inspiration is an amazing thing and I may be a junkie for it. :-D

One more thing...

If you are in the Edmonton area, be sure to keep November 21st open! This show will be one you won't want to miss. Tickets are already on sale and are starting to go quickly! Get yours today right here.

Can't wait to see you on the 21st!


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