Some live videos!

Hello friends!

Hope all is well.  I am just getting back into the swing of things here, as tour was fun and exciting. My next tour will take me to Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Southern Alberta, but before I go crazy with all that fun stuff, I want to show you a few new live videos of my and my band performing a few new tunes! Interested? Well, then good! (Unless you said "NO" to yourself... which is kinda weird that you answered a question from a computer out loud, but annnnyyyway please click here if you said NO.)

But if you have said "YES" out loud to a computer about seeing some new live footage, please visit my new and improved (how it is both, we shall never really know) VIDEOS PAGE!!!

Or if you would really like to just skip all of that, here is a photo of Matt King and Vicky Berg (who besides being some of the best people I have ever met but also are my band mates and I really love them to death) with myself and a GIANT DINOSAUR in Drumheller after we played a wonderful show for the East Coulee Springfest this past weekend:

And to think the dinosaur didn't even see us. We made it, but just barely.

xox and see you soon!


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